Final Fantasy TCG „Opus XII – Crystal Awakening” Booster Box


Zestaw 36 boosterów Final Fantasy TCG!

Wysyłka w 3-7 dni roboczych


Opus 12 sees the introduction of Forwards with multiple Elements! To play these Forwards onto the field, you will need to generate one CP of each Element they possess, but they have stronger abilities and powers than regular Forwards. This new mechanic will bring a fresh environment to FFTCG and take the strategic aspect to a whole new level!

22 Full Art Cards Featuring 3 Legacy Cards!
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Cards Type:
Normal – 128 Cards
Premium – 150 Cards (including 22 Full Art Cards)

As Legacy cards, 3 most popular Legend Cards from the past expansions have been included as Premium Full Art Cards.

36 boosterów Final Fantasy TCG z dodatku Opus XII – Crystal Awakening


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