Forbidden Lands RPG – The Bitter Reach


Nowa, epicka kampania do nagradzanej gry RPG Forbidden Lands!

Produkt w języku angielskim.

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The Bitter Reach is an epic campaign module for the Forbidden Lands roleplaying game, describing the icy wastelands north of Ravenland. Contents:

Two new magic disciplines: Elemental Magic and Ice Affinity.
The new Champion profession, along with new profession talents.
Expanded travel rules for snow, cold, and fuel, including no less than 40 new random encounters.
Eight new monsters, including the Frost Dragon, the Ice Giant, and the Wendigo.
The Wake of the Winter King campaign, including eight key players who all seek to dominate the riches hidden under the Bitter Reach.
Ten complete, illustrated adventure sites, playable in almost any order.
An epic campaign finale, giving the adventurers the chance to decide the future of the Bitter Reach.


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