WarLock Tiles: WarLock EZ Clips


System modułowych terenów do Dungeons & Dragons i Pathfindera!

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The newest additions to the highly anticipated WarLock™ Dungeon Tiles line from WizKids are finally available for release! After a year of R&D, WizKids has perfected the dungeon tile. The WarLock™ Dungeon Tile system solves many of the problems presented with other tile systems. The WarLock™ clips allow players to construct rooms in advance and place them on the table as needed.

WarLock Tiles: WarLock EZ Clips adds more clips for replacement clips that work with all WarLock Tile products. These EZ clips are a softer, less stable clip which allow for faster and easier building of your rooms on the fly.

Zawartość zestawu:

  • 100x – WarLock EZ Clips


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